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Quantitive Research

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Business Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Our Research Encompasses all area's of Business Needs

Focus Groups - Interviews - Surveys - Evaluations

Corporate Management Consultants  research ability and results are unsurpassed and centered on your needs.

We will customize a Focus Group, Interview, Survey or a combination of the research methods to get the answers you need to make your decisions. The Focus Group can be conducted in the area of your target market, using the participants from your target market audience. In most cases, the most effective means of research is using a combination of focus groups and surveys. The most requested research areas are listed below:

Business Research Topics

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Consumer Awareness - Consumer Behavior - Consumer Attitudes - Consumer Patterns -Consumer Relationships

Products And Services
Product Name - Product Design - Product Evaluation - Product Usage - Product Ease Of Use - Product Position - Product Quality - Product Packaging - Product Performance - Product Customer Satisfaction - Product Marketing - Product Purchasing Process Experience - Product Pricing Sensitivity - Product Optimum Price Point - Product Availability - Product Development - Product Introduction - Product Satisfaction - Product Awareness - Product Comparison - Product Testing - Attitude Toward Product -Product Improvement - Product Problem Solving - Product Warranty Service - Product Repair Service - Product Returns

Marketing Message Perception - Marketing Message Testing - Marketing Message Vocabulary Perception - Marketing Image Perception - Marketing Presence Awareness - Marketing Material Critique - Marketing Content Analysis - Marketing Creativity Perception

Advertising Message Perception - Advertising Message Testing - Advertising Vocabulary Perception - Advertising Image Perception - Advertising Awareness - Advertising Material Critique - Advertising Content Analysis - Advertising Model Selection - Advertising Creativity Perception - Advertising Campaign Comparison
Location Selection

Market Size - Market Saturation - Market Demographics

Name (Product, Brand, Company)
Name Perception - Name Image - Name Comparison - Name Evaluation - Name Awareness

Name Evaluation - Perception - Image - Evaluation - Awareness - Comparison - Strengths & Weaknesses

Perception - Image - Comparison - Evaluation - Awareness

Company Image - Brand Image - Product Image

Customer Service - After The Sale Service - Warranty Service - Repair Service

Problem Solving
Slow Sales Growth - Excessive Product Returns - Excessive Customer Complaints

Website And E-Commerce Site
Design - Performance - Ease Of Use - Creativity - Domain Name Awareness - Search Engine Use
Custom Topic
We can construct a customized research program to meet your specific needs.

In addition to our targeted research, we also do International Research, Ethnic Specific Research, Country Specific Research, Gender Specific Research and Lifestyle Specific Research.

We will get you the answers!

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