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Business Planning


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Business Planning

Every aspect of business requires planning. A business without Strategic Planning is a business without direction. A business without direction has little chance of success.

Sales, Marketing, Production, Distribution, Growth, Human Resources, Change, Public Relations, Advertising, Downsizing, Research and Development, Pricing, Quality, Customer Service, Purchasing and Turnarounds are examples of business components requiring detailed planning.

The time it takes to create and update your Business Plans, Marketing Plans and Strategic Plans is well worth the effort. Whether you are a small business or multinational corporation, business planning is essential.

Business planning is the key to growth and profitability as well as less stress in business operations. The only way to avoid crisis management is through planning.

We offer a variety of business plan packages

Choose the one that best matches your needs and contact today

Package One: For business with revenue less than $ 500,000 - we will write a business plan for $ 699.00 plus any research reports fee's

To Order Package One Click Here

Package Two: For business with revenue less than $ 750,000 - we will write a business plan for $ 999.00 plus any research reports fee's

To Order Package Two Click Here

Package Threee: For business with revenue less than $1,000,000-we will write a business plan for $ 1299.00 plus any research reports fee's

To Order Package three Click Here

Package Four : For business with revenue less than $ 2,500,000 - we will write a business plan for $ 2599.00 plus any research reports fee's

To Order Package Four Click Here


Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a business or a well-established business with new objectives and goals that require new strategies, Business Plans, Marketing Plans and Strategic Plans are necessary.

Plans are used to monitor and achieve results as well as measure the performance and benchmark against your expectations.

Much planning is required before any business strategies can be implemented. Planning begins with brain storming sessions focused around company goals and objectives.

Business plans, Marketing Plans and all Strategic Plans need to be reviewed and changed often to adapt to ever changing business conditions as well as change of objectives and goals.

Investors and lenders use Business Plans to measure your capabilities and resources as well as forecast your performance. Presenting a clear professional business plan to lenders and investors is extremely important, your Business Plan can make the difference between success and failure.

A Business Plan is not complete without a marketing plan, very few businesses can survive without a Marketing Plan. Marketing Plans will show who your customers really are and the best way to reach them.

Large companies use Strategic Plans to position their products, increase sales, streamline costs and increase efficiency in order to move their companies in the right direction. It requires a lot of planning and effort to move a large company.

To a small company any plan is a Strategic Plan. Turnaround Plans need extra monitoring to insure everything is proceeding according to the plan and a successful turnaround is achieved.

Planning requires information such as companies' strengths and weaknesses as well as companies' competitive advantages and core competencies. The business environment and corporate culture should also be considered when formulating any business plan.

Planning should involve decision makers as well as people who will feel the results of the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Strategic plans need to address opportunities and threats to your business. A clear mission needs to be defined on how to achieve your objectives and goals.

Sales Plans, Distribution Plans, Marketing Plans, Manufacturing Plans and other Strategic Plans can be used to define realistic targets and set future goals.

Teamwork is crucial to the success of implementation of any Strategic Plan.

Monitoring the progress of implementation of any plan is also crucial to the success of the implementation process. Quite often plans are changed because of some factor discovered during the implementation process.

We are business planning specialists. We can create a Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Growth Plan, Turnaround Plan or any other Strategic Plan necessary to improve your business. We can also update and improve your existing business plans. We can assist you in the implementation of your Business Plans, Marketing Plans and all other Strategic Plans and monitor the progress. We can benchmark your performance and offer advice for improvement. We can manage the whole process or due whatever part you need assistance on. The choice is yours.

Plan for success, we can help.

Business Plan
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