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Business Plan Contents


This business plan is already written,

all you have to do is follow the instructions on how to open or improve your selling...Don't wait bid now

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This is what is included in this auction ......Thanks for bidding

  1. Pre - Written Business Plan, with market info and industry statistics, mailed to you VIA Post office. Real names and cities not used in plan, however these are actual business plans.
  2. Ten { 10 } Templates listed below will be e-mailed to you once payment is confirmed
  3. 15 Minutes of Online advice from one of our management consultants.

All you need to do is get the info on your biz and fill in the blanks, easy to use and follow

  1.  Cover template
  2. Contents template
  3. Executive Summary template
  4. Vision template
  5. Company Overview template
  6. Product Strategy template
  7. Market Analysis template
  8. Market Plan template
  9. Financial Plan template
  10. Xcell or Corel spread sheet for budget templates

Answer these questions;

Do I want to make money? YES

Do I want to control my future? YES

Do I want to be rich?YES 

Do I have a will to WIN? YES

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Here is questions in these graphs  you need to ask when opening a business

We will supply you with this pre-written business plan, but we don't stop there, we will give you FREE additional 15 minutes of Management Consultant ADVICE on any business TOPIC, we built our consulting firm one client at a time. So bid today and enjoy our support


THESE ARE A FEW OF 1600 +BUSINESS PLANS WE SELL PRE-WRITTEN for $ 19.95 , IF YOU DON'T SEE you plan ask, we might have it pre -written. This auction is for a pre -writing BUSINESS PLAN ,  if you need a custom  business or marketing plan, ask us ,we will list a ebay auction for a custom written BIZ plan for you, based on your city or location or industry, starting at $ 99.50

 Plan to be a success and order this Pre-written Business Plan  today

Business Start Up: A new business is like a new born baby. A lot of time is spent in the care and feeding of the business. Starting a business can happen after being laid off, downsized or the result of corporate reorganization. Regardless, starting a business begins with a dream, an idea. Seeing an unfulfilled need and acting upon your own perspective, agenda and goals you step out into the world to learn



These are genuine unsolicited comments from our customers. Genuine customers

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"After a brief look at the plan i can't help but smile as this is exactly what i needed, a lot of the text used will have to be adapted to our situation but overall it is the best looking plan to move my project forward that i could have ever imagined. As soon as this plan is finished and translated i will give you a copy so you can look proudly at what we will accomplish with it."

"You sent me so much"

"These plans will help me tremendously in the initial stages of my planning"

"This product looks great!"

"Thanks, I think this will do wonders for me. I am glad to have found your service I will tell a lot of folks about you!"

"Thank you so much. We will be using your services again in the future."

"Thank you for a very fast response (I am impressed!)."


Welcome to the largest business plan database in the world. We can supply sample business plans in more industries than any other company, and at rates you will not believe!

And our business plans are easy to use, have no hidden protection, do not need further software purchases and will reduce the time you spend planning by hours, days and even weeks

We have more plans, more free information and easier to use business plans than anywhere else in the world! No Kidding

Our plans will be mailed to you, together with all of our free information will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours of placing a successful bid!

Get your business plan up and running now!

We want your business to succeed and we want you to get the right finance! If you succeed, we succeed, so let us help you!

Large number of pages of templates, word documents, excel spreadsheets at the unbelievably and a pre-written business plan for a low price of $19.95!

We will supply you with this business plan, but we don't stop there, we will give you

FREE additional 15 minutes of Management Consultant ADVICE on any business TOPIC, we built our consulting firm one client at a time. So bid today and enjoy our support

Frequently Asked questions


Can I order more than one plan? Yes just bid and we will send you all the plans ordered

Our needs are for a CUSTOM plan written for our market or service, will these plans help?Yes they will help, however if you need a custom market plan, based on your location or industry, you will need a us to write a custom written business plan. Ask us and we will list a business plan service you can bid on that meets your needs

We are Corporate Management, we are in business to help business, our success is tied to the success of your business

Was formed by a group of accountants, financiers and consultants in North America to collect the business plans they had been involved in and then offer these to other business owners to help them in their businesses.

We actually started writing business plans 28 years ago working with banks and finance companies in the North America. Over the next 20 years we worked on writing plans for businesses ranging from one-man start-ups to large multi-nationals.

We now deal with many enquiries a month and our services are regularly used by accountants, financiers and consultants to kick-start business planning assignments.

 Are your Business plans written so that I just put my details in and then it is complete?

We would love to say yes, but the truth is that no two businesses are alike, and for us to construct a business plan that would suit every business in any industry would be impossible.

Our business plans represent the fastest and most competitively priced kick-start you could have. To most people writing a business plan is an unwelcome chore and some put it off indefinitely, we give you a fast start and enough information to make your business plan considerably easier to do.

We also may add to popular business plans as some of our clients kindly send us updated articles on certain industries. We also receive information from banks, market research companies and the general media and we try to add this information to the plans.

How is the business plan delivered?

The business plan is delivered via post office one information email to the e-mail address you specify when you place an order as a Microsoft Word attachment.

What is in each Business plan?

We provide over customized business planning information targeted to each industry representing the most comprehensive aid to business planning on the web.

In regard to the plan itself, they are all set in a mythical city in a mythical state, the same for each business plan, and they are generally owned by John (or Jane!) Smith. Details, such as personal information, are kept to a minimum as these are the easiest for people to write.

We concentrate on suggesting marketing, product, sales and management ideas and setting out strategies that have worked in your industry.

 Which plan should I buy if my business is between two business plans, do I have to buy them both?

We recommend that you choose one business plan only. If after using that you really think you could use more help, you can always come back and get the other one.

The key to remember is that we are kick-starting your process and you may find it easier than you think to write a business plan, once we have got your started. 

 Do the spreadsheets contain financial data?

We provide a budget, which includes most items to run a business and start one up. We include a lot of details, however you may want to edit out or add items in, as you custom this plan to your location

We will mail you the business plan once payment is confirmed, we will email you the FREE information and your access code for FREE 15 minutes online support

If you need money to start your business, or you want to guarantee that everything is done to have a PROFITABLE business, then you MUST BUY this business plan today?

Cost Effective : Others Business plan simply can't beat our price and are not so target industry! No kidding we mean what we say in this auction. After the free support is used and you still need help, we will list a auction for additional support you require

Immediately delivery:,upon payment, you will receive the full documents via mail and E-mail-





 disclaimer: We do not guarantee the success of any business, the success of any business is based on the owner abilities and skills. Market conditions, the environmental conditions as well any factors, which contribute to a client's business success. What we do offer, is with our business plans you will have a better chance at success because in business planning you may have eliminated at lot of risk factors. We do not guarantee you will be successful in gaining financing as credit scores may affect this., You are responsible for supplying us with the key information to build your business plan, if you require us to do any research or market studies, the cost will be extra. Send a email to us, if you would like these extra services in your auction, and we will list a ebay auction just for you to bid on. Thanks and we look forward to assisting you in building your business, no refund once we email the templates to you we will have deemed to have shipped your product, we will only email the confirmed ebay email, non paying bidders will pay a fee of $ 4.00 to relist the item and get negitive feedback.PEACHTREE, SIMPLY ACCOUNTING, ACCPAC, SOFTWARE NOT USED HERE