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Quailty Improvement



The quality of your products and services is only the beginning. Total quality should be the goal of any business. Total quality requires total quality management also known as TQM.

There are many approaches to achieving total quality and business excellence. These approaches and methods include six sigma, ISO and many others. Achieving the desired results is more important than the strategy you use to get there.

Problem solving and quality control are parts of all quality assurance programs.

Customer service is an important part of total quality management. Improving customer service should be a prime objective of your total quality management strategy.

Customer satisfaction is what drives repeat business and word of mouth advertising. A customer satisfaction survey is a useful tool for measuring your level of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction surveys can be used a number of ways to achieve your goal of total quality.

Total quality management should include a plan for continuous improvement, including business process improvement and performance improvement

Total quality management should include problem solving techniques as well as a plan for recognizing potential quality problems and a method of communications to deal with those problems.

Your quality of service or QOS needs to be able to be measurable in order to be improved. Continuous quality improvement needs to happen in every aspect of your business.

There are many quality standards that need to be met in today’s changing business world if you want to stay competitive. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has many standards that need to be met, such as ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14000 and ISO 14001. There are many more.

Our quality consultants provide quality consulting and training. We can help you achieve your goal of total quality or we can help you improve specific problem areas.

We can create and implement a quality management system, create a quality assurance plan, upgrade your quality assurance procedures and implement your quality improvement programs. We can also assist you with quality planning, quality standards certification and quality audits.

We can do customer satisfaction surveys and quality surveys to measure and benchmark your quality performance.

We provide quality management training as well as customer service training.

We have quality improvement teams that can help you solve all your quality problems and assist you with total quality management.