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Today businesses need to be flexible and responsive. Whether its a merger, acquisition, change in corporate leadership, new technology or a innovative new product a business may need to restructure or reorganize to maximize its profit, maintain growth or streamline its operation.

Many people in the business world only consider restructuring/reorganization when there are negative conditions. It is true that downsizing is often necessary when economic conditions threaten profit, growth or survival. While we at GBCI have extensive experience in defensive restructuring/reorganization, we also emphasize the benefits of restructuring and reorganization in order to maximize the positive changes in a business.

A business that is able to adapt its structure or organization to take advantage of the positive developments will be leaps ahead of its competition and notice a corresponding increase in its bottom line. Likewise, a business that implements an effective defensive restructuring/reorganization will survive and prosper during the negative economic downturns while its less flexible competition will not.

Whether it’s a good time or a challenging one, GBCI consultants are ready to help you make your business structure the best it can be.



A company cannot grow consistently without the leadership required to provide inspiration, and direction. Leaders need to be creative and have vision. Leaders need to be aware of all the variables that affect their company. Our leadership consultants provide the assistance companies need to compete and succeed. Below are a few of the services we provide.

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