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Gov Grants Loans

Obama Government Grants

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This is what you will buy, over

2200 pages of fact filled information on how to get Obama Administration  Government Grants and Loans

 2013 Edition Down Load or Mail CD - Government Grants

Only $ 19.99

  • Also works with Windows Vista

  • 75  with over 2200 pages of material included

  • Usable by any business

  • Includes over 1500 pages of material

  • Proposals can range from a short 1 page quote
    to an average 10 to 15 page proposal to a very
    extensive 400+ page proposal

  • Over 400 pre-designed editable proposal chapter

  • Self-guiding templates walk you through
    assembling and writing your proposal

  • Increase your odds of winning using a proposal
    structure based on proposal writing "Best Practices"

  • Downloadable product, so you can start now

  • Create unlimited proposals at no extra cost

  • Customizable with your logos and information

  • Save hundreds of dollars and days or weeks of time

  • Includes work order contracts

  • Includes non-disclosure protection forms

  • Includes extensive business proposal writing guide

  • Includes government grant proposal writing guide

  • Includes proposal development and analysis
    worksheets and spreadsheets to keep you on track

  • Easily create new documents

  • Includes desktop browser organizer

  • Windows, Mac and Linux downloads for 1 price

  • Supports

  • Supports

  • Licensed for install on 2 computers

Business Proposal Software and Templates


  • Business Proposals

  • Federal Govt. Grants

  • Educational Proposals

  • Technical Proposals

  • Non-Technical Proposals

  • Non-Profit Grant Proposals

  • Business Plans

  • Quotes and Contracts

  • Buying/Selling a Business

  • Business Documents

  • Project Proposals

  • Local Govt. Grants

  • Book Proposals

  • Resumes

  • Letter Proposals

  • Product Sales

  • Service Sales

  • Sales Letters

  • RFP Responses

  • Complex Reports

  •         List complete with phone numbers, addresses, websites of all

  •         the Goverment and other agencies offering Grants

  •         Venture Capital sources

  •         How to apply, easy step by step guide on how to apply for these grants

It does not matter what type of business you are getting into, check out this usefull guide to see where you might find some start up money. We will email the download link to you as soon as payment is confirmed.



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